Vilnius Gediminas Technical University students’ representation (VGTU SA) is thenon-governmental, non-profit, independent voluntary organization responsible for representing students’ interests and uniting youthful, energetic and original students. Also, VGTU SA is the communication bridge between VGTU students, University lecturers and administration.

There are about 13500 students in bachelor, master and PhD studies in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) and they all are the members of VGTU SA. 2 types of volunteers (about 300 students) help to represent interests of VGTU SA members: student representatives and VGTU SA volunteers.

  1. Student representatives are students, approved bythe elders of academic groups of 9 faculties. They have tosign a voluntary contract, where is clear description of the irrights and responsibilities, but it is not realized yet.
  2. VGTU SA volunteers are not approved by elders of faculties, so they cannot speak as the representatives of faculty students. Although VGTU SA volunteers are very important part of VGTU SA structure – working on a voluntary basis on various tasks they help to guarantee stability of the organization.


There was approved the new organization’s strategy at the end of 2010. Three priority objectives were defined for the years 2011-2014:

  1. Ensuring of adequaterepresentation of interests of VGTU students;
  2. Creating an environment conducive to study
  3. Guarantee thestability of VGTU SA.

In order to attain these objectives, new statute of VGTU SA was approved in 2010. It significantly changed the organizational structure of VGTU SA. The main changes were the installation of elders‘modeland new VGTU SAwork distributionstructure.

  1. Elders‘model. Elder is the direct representative of students in academic group. Their integration in the most importantdecision-makingbodies in VGTU SA, ensure the directrepresentation ofVGTU students.  Also it makes sure that more students will participate in activities of VGTU SA.

There is defined in new statute, that all elders elect the President and Audit commision of VGTU SA, together with Chairman and Student representatives in VGTU SA units in faculties (SAF).


New VGTU SA work distributionstructure

VGTU SA President is the person responsible for organization activities. He is the member of VGTU Rectorate, VGTU Senate, VGTU SA Board. Also he is the head ofCentral Office, which helps him to carry out activities. Central Office is composed of coordinators of organization activities together and committee leaders.VGTU SA activities are divided into 8 committees. All students’ representatives have to choose committee to work in. They are:


  • Committee of Academic affairs – carefully maintain that every student would be satisfied with the quality of education, teacher employment, testing procedure.
  • Committee of Public Relations is responsible for VGTU SA image formation, publicity of VGTU SA, inner and outer communication.
  • Committee of Social affairs – aims to develop socially supportive environment for students and takes care of the integration of disabled students to the University environment.
  • Committee of Marketing– earns finances for organization
  • Committee of Human resource management is responsible for human resources of VGTU SA, creates favorable working atmosphere in organization, takes care of teams’ strength and motivation.
  • Committee of International relations – a link between lithuanian and foreign students. Transforming to VGTUESN.
  • Committee of Leisure is responsible for cultural program at the University.

Also there are newly established positions in VGTU SA: coordinator of the affairs of Master students, coordinator of the affairs of PhD students, coordinator of Elders program, coordinator of mentor program, IT specialist.